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Researching your ancestors at Woodchurch involves using the same sources as any family history research, that is, certificates of births, marriages & deaths, along with census entries (1841-1901), Wills and other vital records.

Woodchurch is not well covered in the IGI, except for the Wesleyan Chapel 1797-1836. The Parish Registers and other parish chest records are kept at the Centre for Kentish Studies in Maidstone. Of course, many Woodchurch families moved to and from nearby parishes, sometimes not voluntarily. The Union Workhouse was at nearby Tenterden.
Thanks to Woodchurch Ancestry Group members, full transcriptions of Woodchurch Baptisms 1538-1989, Marriages 1538-1978 and Burials 1538-1990 are now available online at Woodchurch Genealogy , along with other useful material, including non-conformist baptisms 1793-1984, Tithe Assessments and Ken Bourne's Monumental Inscriptions from All Saints churchyard
A searchable database of over 23,250 baptisms performed in 15 of the Romney Marsh parishes between 1750 and 1911 is now available. These baptisms were painstakingly transcribed by the late David Hills and are now hosted online by the Woodchurch Ancestry Group. You'll find the transcription here:


You can follow the Woodchurch Ancestry Group on facebook and twitter

Thanks to members of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group, a considerable body of research material has been deposited with the Museum.

This is a short description of deposited research at the Museum:

Jennie Light. 'My Woodchurch Ancestors', March 2003

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 82 pages

Information on members of the Wells family and of the Bourne, Brown, Button, Fullagar, Kingsnorth and Owen families, all related to Jennie Light


Jilda Whiddon. 'Benjamin Hampton' (1801-1882). September 2003

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 48 pages

Story of Benjamin Hampton, his wife Rebecca and family. In 1839, they emigrated to Sydney where Jilda still lives. Includes Information on Economic Conditions in the 19th Century. Contains history of family descendants in Australia. Jilda is Benjamin's great great Granddaughter


Josie Mackie (born Sarah Beck). '(Ten) Families of Woodchurch'. September 2003

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 35 pages.

Information on the Back/Beck, Boorman, Bourne, Crittenden, Hukins, Spain, Stutely, Waller and Walter families. Contains descendant trees of the following: Benjamin Back (1682-1757), Jeremiah Back (1789-1846), Joseph Back (1818-after 1854), Richard Beslee (1755-1827), Robert Boorman (born late 18th c.), George Bourne (1712-1790), Jonathan Crittenden (born c.1650), John Hukins (c.1700-1763), John Spain (1753-1828), Robert Stuteley (born 1839), John Waller (died c. 1812) & John Walter (died before 1736).


Beverley Doherty (née Barnes). 'James Hukins (1972-1871) & Susannah Fullagar (1791-1862).

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 91 pages

With ancestor trees of James Hukins & Susannah Fullagar. They emigrated to Australia in 1839. Contains history of family descendants in Australia.


Sheila Windsor (née Pearce). 'Pearce Family Chronicle - Journey from Woodchurch to Wellington'. August 2003.

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 21 pages.

Information on Edward Pearce (born 1699 in Egerton), Edward Pearce (1736-1822), James Pearce (1776-1853), John Pearce (1802-1878), Edward Pearce (1840-1910), Allan George Theodore Pearce (1886-1971) & Sheila Pearce (born 1923). Contains descendant tree of Edward Pearce & Elizabeth Martin (married 1723).


Peter Walker. 'The Holyer family of Woodchurch'. September 2003.

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 4 pages

Story of John Holyer (c1714-1772) and his descendants down to Francies Holyer (died 1921), widow of Walter Holyer (died 1896). Available online here. John became a butcher in Woodchurch in 1737. The business is said to have passed to the Fullagar family who traded until the 1980s. Gedcom file of John's Woodchurch descendants also passed to Woodchurch Museum.


Jilda Whiddon. Correspondence with Neville Guthrey on the Fegan family of Deptford. July 2003.

Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 3 pages


Jilda Whiddon. Correspondence with John Franklin with notes on the Hukins, Quilhampton and Crittenden families. July 2003. Presented to the Museum in September 2003. 18 pages.


Ken Bourne. 'Parish Church of All Saints, Woodchurch - Memorials in the Church Interior and graveyard'. Copy No 3. 2003.

Presented to the Museum in April 2004. 107 pages. Over 1500 monumental inscriptions recorded.


Bob Chown. 'The Pedigree and Ancestors of Ernest Fullagar (1879-1947)'

This covers the following families : Fullagar 1700 to 1947, Ransley 1832-1922, Bingham 1775-1951, Morphett 1826-1895. Presented to the Museum in December 2004.


Bob Chown. Source document for the above - extracts from Woodchurch CBD 1841-1901. This covers many more families including Bourne, Barman, Button, Gilham, Henman, Jewerst and Kingsnorth.

Presented to the Museum in December 2004.


Bob Chown. 'Thomas Fullagar (1730-1813)'

Presented to the Museum in December 2004.


Bob Chown CDs and bound copies of Woodchurch marriages 1754-1945, Burials 1813-1882 and Banns Outliers (i.e. those whose banns were read at Woodchurch but were married elsewhere)

Presented to the Museum in November 2005, also available online.


Glyn Brown CD of the Lee family

Presented to the Museum November 2005


Glyn Brown CD of Index of Travellers in Kent and Sussex.

Presented to the Museum November 2005

Loose Documents
Re: Hukins/Fullagar - correspondence and notes on the Hukins and Fulagar families. 16 pages

Re: Hukins -Transcriptions of church records for Hukins family (1735-1835). 7 pages.

Re: Hukins/Fullagar/Crittenden family - miscellaneous correspondence and transcriptions. 10 pages

Re: Hukins/Fullagar/Crittenden family - transcription of church records from Centre for Kentish Studies (Maidstone) etc. 27 pages

Monumental Inscriptions for All Saints Woodchurch - North East section. About 60 Monumental Inscriptions. 5 pages

Miscellaneous Material (box file)
Jon Chaplin. Woodchurch Chasmers/Chasmars - descendant tree of George Chasmer born 1816. August 2003. 1 page.

Jon Chaplin. Woodchurch Chaplins - descendant tree of a Chaplin born around 1860. August 2003. 1 page

Jon Chaplin. Descendant tree of Carl Schreiber who emigrated to England in 1721. August 2003. 1 page

Re: Private Henry Thomas George Chasmar 1890-1915 CWGC - Casualty details and search results. 2 pages CWGC - MI online here. 3 copies of 1 page

Joyce Davis. Letter dated 28/3/2003 to Charles Boxer with a transcription of the entries mentioning Woodchurch from the Feet of Fines of Henry VIII (Kent Archaeological Society). 16 items from 1509 to 1552.


If you wish to view any of this material, contact the museum on 01233 860240 or e-mail here.


Enquiries: 01233 860240 FAX: 01233 860653  E.Mail: Curator Woodchurch Museum Trust


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